Trash advocates gossip


Having lived in the US for six months now, I’ve learned that one of the big things people do here is debt, which for many leads to bankruptcy. It seems that the turn has come to the advocacy agency National Recycling Coalition (NRC, the major umbrella for people in trash and recycling), which must be in financial peril I guess, reading a report from Waste & Recycling News.

Apparently, a vote to file for Chapter 7 has been temporarily suspended, while developing a reorganization plan and negotiating with creditors. Consolidation plans and ideas for restructuring however, seem to have been going on for some while, but without success. Just a month ago, a membership vote rejected the plans to merge with Keep America Beautiful (KAB). Two weeks later, KAB announced that they had hired three former executives from NRC.

What lies behind all this we don’t really know, but if anyone does know, feel free to tip us of, in open or behind the curtains…

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