Happy birthday, Italicious!


It’s been a full year since my friend, Virginia (a.k.a. Jenny) began Italicious, a blog that chronicles the Italian (and sometimes Southern American) cooking that nourishes the charmed life she and her Neopolitan husband seem to lead. My FAVORITE thing about her blog is that she not only shares ideas for how to mix mouth watering combinations of amazing ingredients—sausage, fennel, home made pastas, dark leafy greens, saffron, cheese, etc.—but she’ll often include next-day recipes for how to recycle the leftovers, old school Italian style. And you know how we love to recycle! Recently, she added an entire “Reused, Recycled” page to the site to cull these recipes in one place. Check. It. Out.

Crochette di Riso via Italicious

Crochette di Riso via Italicious

Pictured above are tasty rice balls made from leftover risotto. You may remember the zero waste pasta pie featured here before. SUCH amazing stuff. Happy birthday, Italicious!

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2 Responses to “Happy birthday, Italicious!”

  1. italicious Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Leila!!!

  2. Ruby Re-Usable Says:

    wow, there is so much food waste, so I LOVE the idea of encouraging everyone to rethink leftovers in creative ways, hope it is a trend that catches on! (make meals not waste) ❤

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