Just read the inside label of my snowpants to discover the insulation is made from recycled nylon. Who knew trash could keep you so warm?

Leila attempts snowshoeing

Seasons greetings from the frigid prairies of Minnesota. Hope you’re keeping warm wherever you are!

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3 Responses to “Trashulation”

  1. green LA girl Says:

    Cool! Where did you get your snow pants?

  2. spacecadette Says:

    Cool use of plastic/nylon, to keep warm! I have to ask, are your snowshoes made of recyclables, also?

  3. Leila Darabi Says:

    Siel–My snowpants happen to be made by The North Face. I’m thinking of going to the local outdoors store today to read labels from other brands.

    Spacecadette–no, those snowshoes were just a pair I borrowed. Since they were the new kind, I imagine they were made of high tech nonrecycled metals. However, I am now in Minneapolis where it has been snowing nonstop. If this continues, perhaps I’ll construct my own pair out of available scraps to shoe around town 😉

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