Zero waste beer


My friends Joe and Jasmine live a charmed life in San Francisco. I know because I read their blog, Beer at Joe’s where they chronicle their adventures in tasting and pairing and even brewing beer. Today, Jasmine posted her recipe for spent grain beer bread, an innovative way to reuse the grains leftover after Joe attempts a batch of home brew. Sounds delicious. And like it would make a good side to some of the Reused/Recycled dishes featured on Italicious.

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3 Responses to “Zero waste beer”

  1. salmon Says:

    ooh fun! ben & i are hoping to start brewing soon – will definitely have this in mind.

  2. Joe Says:

    Hey Leila! Thanks for the shout out. The bread is AMAZING (and so is the beer of course). An interesting thought here is that many if not most brewpubs are doing stuff like this with spent grain pizza crust, bread, and a few other items. At breweries they a lot of time give their spent grain off to farms for tasty food for the animals.

  3. Leila Darabi Says:

    I smell a joint-post in our future, Joe.

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