The upcycling college


Don’t know what to do with your career come August? Why not sign up to a 1-year program in upcycling design? Can’t believe I haven’t seen this before:

In the fall of 2008, Eskilstuna College started a course on sustainable development and recycling technologies. The course runs over two semesters and is intended for students who wants to work both theoretically and practically with the creation of new products from recycled materials.

You will have to work with practically everything from furniture restoration to the jewelry manufacture and use your imagination and creativity and you will certainly gain new insights into what sustainability really means.

This is really as cool as one thinks. [Apply here.] The work of this years trashtastic students can be followed at their blog, and their flickr. Personally, I’ve got my eyes on this vinyl record fruit bowl:

Vinyl record fruit bowl

The student will stage an end-of-the-year exhibition, open 27 May-20 August, at the college in Eskilstuna, so if you pass through Sweden, be sure to make a detour. In Stockholm, creations can be purchased at swop:art.

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4 Responses to “The upcycling college”

  1. Leila Darabi Says:

    Even more incentive to visit!

  2. wishjoy Says:

    That sounds like a fun course!

  3. Removals Bournemouth Says:

    I think these courses should be done at school for the younger generation – our planet is getting worse and its their home for the next century or so – nice idea

  4. Tyres Maidstone Says:

    I totally agree, when I was at school we learn metal and wood work, why not have standard recycling course or a paid college course. Neat idea

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