Indian weddings


The Indian government estimates that 15% of the nation’s food grains are served and “wasted” at lavish wedding ceremonies. In an attempt to regulate that waste and keep up with a growing economy, India is looking to ban or restrict lavish weddings.

Saffron pudding, the only photo of food I took at the not-so-lavish Indian wedding I attended in December.

As care2 puts it:

But the government shouldn’t just try to control how people organize events, they also need to be responsible for how they distribute food, and it’s entirely possible that those networks are corrupt and inefficient.  So perhaps they can do both – encourage people to cut down on lavish spending, but also improve their own internal channels for bringing food to the poor.

via Wasted Food

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2 Responses to “Indian weddings”

  1. rhodri89 Says:

    Saffron pudding looks tasty!

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    It was! Not sure what the actual dish is called but it was little sponge cakes floating in a soup of milk with saffron, sugar and probably lots of other decadent stuff.

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