Calabrese engineering


Check out this project carried out Calabrese style by my bandmate, Flex Unger aka Pasquale Cangiano, whose upcycling skills and self-built recording studio and we’ve featured here before:

Calabrese Engineering

What is Calabrese Engineering you ask ? What are the rules of Calabrese Wood Working ? Rule #1 never use rules or a ruler ! I found all this wood in the trash and crafted a computer stand / flat files for drawings to go near my drafting table so I can have a clear drawing surface and be online at the same time. I used no ruler at all and did all the measuring with the wood itself and eyeballed everything else. Yeah its a bit lopsided and make shift but that is the Calabrese style of building taught to me by my Grandfather he used no rulers either 🙂 Big Up’s to my band mate Leila Darabi’s Everyday Trash can I get a reblog ?

Click through for a slide show. Note the music that accompanies the photos is that of the modern son of Calabria and made in a warehouse in Brooklyn. More traditional regional music — I have learned from Flex — sounds like this. Or like children screaming.

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