Decorative Dumpster Day #2: Mac Premo’s Dumpster Project


Remember the dumpster video I shared a couple weeks back? (Thanks, Rebecca for sending this my way).

Well, I was so intrigued by The Dumpster Project that I looked the artist and asked for an interview. It turns out his studio is just around the corner from global headquarters in Brooklyn. More to come from that conversation (I am en route to Peru today and can’t access my notes).

In the meantime, track The Dumpster Project online. Displaced from his studio, artist Mac Premo decided to catalog and meticulously curate an autobiographical dumpster encompassing the myriad sentimental objects he has collected over his lifetime as a collage artist, animator, commercial director, carpenter, father and all-around pack rat.

Examples of objects to be dumpstered include:

One of his daughter Frieda's first shoes

And a bandage from the time he tore off a fingernail.

Premo plans to construct his dumpster for optimal public viewing and is currently documenting each piece to go in it on the blog. The piece will either tour the country or be left out for trash collection. Regardless of what the future holds, we LOVE this project at and will be tracking its progress regularly. To see Premo’s autobiographical collection of objects, New Yorkers can stop by during the annual Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, June 4 and 5.

Happy Decorative Dumpster Day, trashies!

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4 Responses to “Decorative Dumpster Day #2: Mac Premo’s Dumpster Project”

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  3. deepa kamat Says:

    if its cherished, hang on to it. all treasured objects house the memory of the

    experience attached to it. expendable items are just that.

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    […] Premo‘s The Dumpster Project, covered here before, documents all the things the artist had stockpiled in his old studio before losing that space. […]

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