Hedgehog Wars


hedgehog.jpg  I just read on the Grist List (yet another kick-ass sidebar link) that McDonald’s has changed the packaging it uses for McFlurry ice cream to something more “hedgehog friendly”. Clicking through to the article, I learned that hedgehogs were squeezing into the containers and getting stuck inside.

It seems there is an entire organization in the UK dedicated to saving hedgehogs from just this sort of garbage-related peril and what’s more, they have a rival group out to kill the little guys.

Just goes to show you, under every trash lid is an entire world of quirks, nuance and issues. How does “Hedgehog Wars” sound as a working title for the first everyday trash documentary production?

2 Responses to “Hedgehog Wars”

  1. Edina Says:

    Ain’t that a cute issue. I wonder if this would encourage certain people to be more conscious… “Hey Dan, don’t buy McFlurries, hedgehogs gets stuck in them.” How did they end up there in the first place… This is an interesting yet strange post. :]]

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Hilarious, but true!

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