the wee hours and teamstergate


morales.jpg  After seeing yesterday that Waste Management and the Teamsters were joining forces, I noticed the following headline on Solid (one of many excellent sources of information and amusement linked from the side bar):

“Teamsters Appoint Morales Director of Solid Waste, Recycling”

You see, in my sleepiness, I misread Morales as morals, so you can imagine my surprise when I clicked through to discover that Morales is a person and not a sense of right or wrong.

I was also surprised to see that Jimmy Hoffa’s son is president of the Teamsters (yeah, I know, where have I been) and that he rose to power after a scandal called Teamstergate knocked out the competition.  I think I vaguely remember this ‘gate, but man do I need a Labor 101 course or to spend some quality time on wikipedia, the poor woman’s grad school. 


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