ceci n’est pas un parapluie


nominee1.jpg It’s down to three finalists over at the Umbrella Inside Out competition and there’s still time to vote!

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4 Responses to “ceci n’est pas un parapluie”

  1. kimberly Says:

    I LOVE the Dustie, and I could use it RIGHT NOW!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    I love it too! Although I have to admit that redesign person was very creative about reusing every piece of the umbrella. I also liked the adjustable jacket that got knocked out because she had whittled toggled from the wooden handle of a big black banker’s umbrella found in London. Cleaver, cleaver.

  3. kimberly Says:

    yeah, definitely some more significant creativity from the others, but for the intersection of practical with asethetically pleasing yet simple (my key criteria for judging just about everything), i had to stick with the Dustie.

    now, when we will be able to buy ours?!

  4. everydaytrash Says:

    agreed. the dusty is the one I want to wear!

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