Weekly Compactor


sofia.jpg In trash news this week:

  • A Native American chief in rural Utah is angry that nuclear waste WON’T be stored on his tribe’s land. Clearly he hasn’t been reading everyday trash;
  • Some asshole in Delaware throws away a dog, while Tampa finds its third dead baby of the year in a trash can at a Target;
  • Waste Management signs a deal with the Teamsters (not sure who the underdog is in this partnership);
  • Bulgarians unintentionally build a wall of trash (pictured above);
  • Israeli gas stations to get recycling bins (no promise on gas, though).
  • And, not to be outdone, Qatar installs a hazerdous waste treatment plant and sets environmental regulations to keep Gulf air clean. Or at least as clean as it is now.


One Response to “Weekly Compactor”

  1. the wee hours and teamstergate « everyday trash Says:

    […] After seeing yesterday that Waste Management and the teamsters were joining forces, I noticed the following headline on Solid Waste.com (one of many excellent sources of information and amusement linked from the side bar): […]

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