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Is Obama forgetting the trash?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waste Management thinks the energy plan should include giving them money to convert trash to energy. What do you think?

Hat tip: Amy.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A whole bunch of companies—The New York Times and, Grist, PlanetGreen, GreenCar, Rueters, mkd, eHow, Better, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and HowCast—teamed up to make this snazzy YouTube channel on living a greener life. What do you think?

Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

I have to say, National Geographic is good with the ads. The Sun Chips contest linked from YTLiveGreen is ALMOST as compelling as the Waste Management ads on the Garbage Moguls page alerting us to the fact that their Florida landfill with soon be an ELEPHANT RESERVE. As a New Yorker whose landfill was closed only to be replaced by a tax hike to pay for expensive waste hauling contracts to drive my trash to other states, I find it very hard to praise ANYTHING the WM conglomorate does. But on the issue of elephants, I might just have to waver and say hells yeah.

Weekly Compactor

Friday, August 17, 2007


This week in trash news:

Photo via

Note: I’m on vacation this week, back on the 26th.  During this period of slow-to-no posts, please check out the highly informative and entertaining side bar!

Trashtastic Thursday with Harry J. Bubbins

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trashtastic Tuesday comes early this week (or late, depending on your world view). Note that the everydaytrash post flow may trickle down next week. I’ll be in Budapest. Stay tuned for stories of Euro and post-Communist trash. In the meantime…

I got an email yesterday from Harry J. Bubbins of Friends of Brook Park in the Bronx. The subject line read “Garbage Takes the Train BS” and the content below was a little back and forth between neighborhood environmental justice activists declaring a blurb from the “propaganda”. I read the blurb, then emailed Harry for more info on his group and concerns. Here’s what he had to say about trash in the Bronx and the sad fact that in our city of islands, it’s pretty freakin’ hard to access the water.


everydaytrash: So, I heard the city is now using trains to transport trash OUT of the Bronx, what about the trash coming IN?

Harry J. Bubbins: The Bronx, and specifically the South South Bronx, the Port Morris and Mott Haven neighborhoods handle almost all the garbage. Besides the borough waste, we handle trash from Manhattan and Queens as well. This is because the Mayor’s Solid Waste Management Plan, approved by the NYC Council has been stalled by three Upper West Side State legislators who refuse to handle Manhattan’s waste in Manhattan. The direct outcome of their recalcitrance is an increase of diesel truck traffic in the most at-risk for asthma communities and a dream deferred for a significant step towards environmental justice.


everydaytrash: What are the Harlem River Rail Yards?

Bubbins: The Harlem River Rail yards refer to the 96 acres site at the southern most tip of the Bronx that is owned by the people of New York through the NYS Department of Transportation. This site has been leased for 99 years for a sweetheart deal to Galesi Grouo, whose head was involved with Enron and such. They in turn sublease to Waste Management, the largest and most profitable waste handler in the hemisphere. WM was recently awarded a no bid contract for $1 billion to handle the NYC waste, despite providing no local amenities and an almost year long labor strike in 2006. We are at the mercy of this monopoly for carting out our waste. Currently, there is no public access along the waterfront of the Rail Yards, despite contractual obligations in the lease to provide access to the river and a bridge to Randall’s Island for South Bronx residents. We’d like to see 1,000 trees planted along the truck route corridors, public access to the waterfront, an environmental center, and green affordable housing in the yards footprint.


everydaytrash: How did the Friends of Brook Park waterfront project come about? How are plans progressing?

Bubbins: Our waterfront initiatives have emerged from over a decade of fighting against a disproportionate amount of polluting facilities and to advance a more holistic vision for our communities. In the aftermath of the successful effort by the then South Bronx Clean Air Coalition to shut down the BFI medical waste incinerator, we realized that a community led vision for the waterfront would serve to provide resources to local residents and visitors and help to pre-empt the polluting industries that are often located in lower income and people of color neighborhoods. Nevertheless, Governor Pataki saw fit to place not one but four power plants in Port Morris, and we have huge waster transfer stations across the shores from the East River to the Harlem River and no benefit whatsoever. In addition, a public bus depot was closed, the buses sent to park and storage in Harlem, the site was turned over to the non-artisan NY Post and hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies fueled that. Now, Fed Ex has closed down on the west side of Manhattan to make way for luxury housing and been given bonds and public subsidies to build a huge trucking facility which will bring more traffic and few if any jobs since the employees from Manhattan will be coming here.


We targetted five priorities, rebuilding a fishing pier destroyed by Con Ed, an eco art center, the bridge to Randall’s Island under the Amtrak viaduct, 2 street end access points, and a park on the Harlem River. All efforts are proceeding at various paces, with Sustainable South Bronx leading the way by spearheading the South Bronx Greenway which will achieve easier access to Randall’s Island. Our Harlem River park project, in partnership with Nyers for Parks and NY Restoration Project is moving forward thanks to support from our elected officials at every level. We have designs, have obtained seed funding through the NYS Environmental Protection Fund and are negotiating for rail access and an agreement to manage the site for community programming and recreation.


Pictures via the Friends of Brook Park site

Weekly Compactor

Saturday, July 21, 2007

patomac.jpg This week in trash news:

Photo by Walter P. Calahan via the Washington Post

Weekly Compactor

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

compact.jpg  This week in trash news:

Weekly Compactor

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

swine.jpg    This week in trash news:

  • Moved by Bill Clinton, Wal-Mart promises to cut down on packaging over the next five years;
  • Also linked to the Clinton Global Initiative, a green knight pledges $3 billion to make fuel from corn;
  • An equity firm in Chicago buys a piece of Waste Management;
  • Jamaica’s fraud investigation of its solid waste authority gets so tense, some officials are offered body guards for thier own protection;
  • The Big Apple gets its first green building (and Rosebud was the sled);
  • In an ironique twist of fate, the toxic sludge that sent thousands of Ivorians to the hospital will be shipped to France for treatment; meanwhile the men responsible for the illegal dumps plot their escape; and
  • Indiana creates a “swine zone” hoping to harness the power of the hog.

amero-canadian trash accord

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

canada2.gif  The city of Toronto held an emergency meeting on trash today to draft a “contingency plan to handle the city’s garbage and sewage sludge in the event of a border closure.”  You see, the U.S. and Canada have been at war, or at least at skirmish, for years over which country is the other’s dump.  Michiganders in particular are angry that companies like Waste Management can import foreign trash and deposit it in landfills in their state.  In response, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would grant states the right to ban garbage from other countries.  The bill is a long way from becoming law and will likely undergo many changes along the way. 

Meanwhile, Michigan’s senators are brokering deals with Ontario officials to slow the flow of trash from our neighbor to the North.

the wee hours and teamstergate

Thursday, September 14, 2006

morales.jpg  After seeing yesterday that Waste Management and the Teamsters were joining forces, I noticed the following headline on Solid (one of many excellent sources of information and amusement linked from the side bar):

“Teamsters Appoint Morales Director of Solid Waste, Recycling”

You see, in my sleepiness, I misread Morales as morals, so you can imagine my surprise when I clicked through to discover that Morales is a person and not a sense of right or wrong.

I was also surprised to see that Jimmy Hoffa’s son is president of the Teamsters (yeah, I know, where have I been) and that he rose to power after a scandal called Teamstergate knocked out the competition.  I think I vaguely remember this ‘gate, but man do I need a Labor 101 course or to spend some quality time on wikipedia, the poor woman’s grad school. 

Weekly Compactor

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sofia.jpg In trash news this week:

  • A Native American chief in rural Utah is angry that nuclear waste WON’T be stored on his tribe’s land. Clearly he hasn’t been reading everyday trash;
  • Some asshole in Delaware throws away a dog, while Tampa finds its third dead baby of the year in a trash can at a Target;
  • Waste Management signs a deal with the Teamsters (not sure who the underdog is in this partnership);
  • Bulgarians unintentionally build a wall of trash (pictured above);
  • Israeli gas stations to get recycling bins (no promise on gas, though).
  • And, not to be outdone, Qatar installs a hazerdous waste treatment plant and sets environmental regulations to keep Gulf air clean. Or at least as clean as it is now.


Monday, August 28, 2006

wm_header_logo.gifrunway.jpg  Waste Management is EVERYWHERE. I just got back from a trip to Canada and what do I see plastered all over every dumpster I pass? That big green and yellow W and M. It’s scary. And then the other night I was catching up on my Project Runway and where do the designers go? To a Waste Management recycling facility to scavange for materials for a retrofit challenge.  Jeffrey’s newsprint-treated piece totally should have won, even if he is a dick. 

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