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Dump to theme park

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

israeli-dump.jpg In what is becoming a more and more common urban planning move, Tel Aviv is turning a former dump into a park. Interestingly, they aren’t hiding the trashy past of the space, but rather celebrating it in recycling-themed sculptures. Interesting stuff. Thanks for the link, Alina! And thanks to everyone out there for bearing with me through this most recent and most lengthy trash hiatus. I took a couple trashy photos in West Africa, which I hope to share soon but was otherwise preoccupied by the demands of the day job, absorbing the wonders of new cultures and fighting off various parasites. It’s good to be home!

Photo by Isabel Kershner via

Hometown Trash

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh my trashies, if only Internet access in Ouagadougou weren’t so precarious this week I would take my time to delve into wonky depths of NYC trash wars.  Alas, I must use this precious online access to send reports back to the day job.  Lucky for you, Gotham Gazette knows their trash!

Garbage Warrior

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check out this movie trailer.

Trash Hiatus

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dear Trashies,

It’s that time of year again when, due to the demands of the day job, I pack up and head to lands of less reliable Internet connections.  I’ve made empty promises before about keeping up with the posts while away, but this time I’m taking the approach explained to me by a former entry-level investment banker: under promise, over produce.  Since he’s no longer so entry-level, I have respect for the mantra.  So, here it is, I will try to incorporate trash research into my travels and will make an effort to post while away.  In particular, I’ll be looking for these crafty ladies and may also look into buying some of these goodies.  If I succeed, you will, of course, be the first to know. 

As usual, my tapering off is a great time to catch up on news from the stellar side bar (I don’t compile these links for my health, friends, please click through to the many trash resourses).  And, new this week, take part in everydaytrash discussions over at facebook.  I’ve started a few trash talking topics, but please don’t feel restrained by those.  Start your own conversation or debate!




Monday, October 1, 2007

organiconesieorchidzora.jpg  This weekend was the Atlantic Antic, a large annual street fair in Brooklyn.  I’ve missed the past two, so I was psyched to get out there today.  One dominating theme: babies.  Granted, I live in the second-most-posh-baby-populated hood in the borough, if not the state (spotted Michelle Williams this afternoon pushing a stroller in the seasonal uniform of skinny jeans tucked into ankle boots), but come on.  When did onesies become the new Starbucks?  Every other booth, it seemed, boasted designer baby suits with various embellishments: Indian wood printed giraffes and lions, the local area code, a Coney Island mermaid…

I have to admit, I purchased an ity-bity tee for a Parisian baby I’ll be meeting for the first time next week.  Presented with the choice, I shelled out an extra three bucks for the “organic” version.  To be good to the environment and all.  But now that I’m examining my pre-Paris bank balance, I’m weighing the environmental good of an organic shirt for the little one, versus the excess energy I’ll have to exert when I return to off-set the extra spending.  I can never decide: do I buy more because it’s “green”?

Care to share your thoughts on the subject?

Photo via Tiny Birds Organics

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