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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do The Green Thing has a fantastic Facebook page where they routinely post such wonderful finds as this array of pockets upcyled as wall-mounted storage.

via Do the Green Thing

via Do the Green Thing

Having just moved apartments and hemorrhaged my savings into a range of unforeseen costs and untold hours of unregulated Etsy surfing, I find this DIY project utterly charming. It reminds me of that kids book, Katy No-Pocket written by Emmy Payne and  illustrated by the same dude who drew Curious George. Did you have that one growing up? It’s about a kangaroo who has no pocket with which to tote her kid.  She consults other animals about how they carry around their babies before scoring a sweet pocket-covered apron from a handyman. I am sure there is an important conversation to be had about the White-man-saves-the-day theme, but man did little me dig that apron.

Katy No-Pocket's badass utility apron

Katy No-Pocket’s badass utility apron

Stay tuned, this may inspire a longer series on the global need for more pockets in women’s clothing and how to upcycle our way out of that crisis.

Fuck Yeah Upcycle

Friday, February 15, 2013

This. Happy Friday.

Trash Cam Carries On

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trash Cams—pinhole cameras constructed by German binmen out of dumpsters—were easily my favorite finding of Decorative Dumpster Day last year.

Photo by  by Mirko Derpmann via Flickr

Photo by by Mirko Derpmann via Flickr

So I was delighted to be reminded of the project by a recent unconsumption post. The project’s Flickr page hosts a number of wonderful images including an adorable folder called The Tonnographers comprised of photos of the men taking photos with dumpsters; as well as the eery, arty pinhole images they captured.

Photo by by Michael Pfohlmann, Christoph Blaschke and Mirko Derpmann via Flickr

Photo by by Michael Pfohlmann, Christoph Blaschke and Mirko Derpmann via Flickr

I just love the photo captions noting the type of camera as a “1.100 litre garbage container.”

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