Weekly Compactor


swine.jpg    This week in trash news:

  • Moved by Bill Clinton, Wal-Mart promises to cut down on packaging over the next five years;
  • Also linked to the Clinton Global Initiative, a green knight pledges $3 billion to make fuel from corn;
  • An equity firm in Chicago buys a piece of Waste Management;
  • Jamaica’s fraud investigation of its solid waste authority gets so tense, some officials are offered body guards for thier own protection;
  • The Big Apple gets its first green building (and Rosebud was the sled);
  • In an ironique twist of fate, the toxic sludge that sent thousands of Ivorians to the hospital will be shipped to France for treatment; meanwhile the men responsible for the illegal dumps plot their escape; and
  • Indiana creates a “swine zone” hoping to harness the power of the hog.


2 Responses to “Weekly Compactor”

  1. kimberly Says:

    I didn’t realize the new Hearst building was going for the green….when they first started on it, i thought I would hate it. But it’s a great addition to the westside skyline, especially from the reservoir loop and the west park drive in central park. Now I can enjoy it even more knowing it’s green.

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    yes, who knew. you’ll have to point it out to me next time we’re running laps!

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