Weekly Compactor


compact.jpg  This week in trash news:


2 Responses to “Weekly Compactor”

  1. Keith R Says:

    gee, what about the new post-consumer producer responsibility regime for used pesticide packaging in Colombia, or the cell phone recycling program in Chile? Yeah, I know, shameless plugging! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    Those landfill fires such as the one in Georgetown, Guyana can get pretty nasty. My first year living in Santo Domingo (DR) the city dump (Duquesa) in the northern part of the city caught fire, and the prevailing winds (E to W) brought all the smoke into our part of the city (Center-West) for nearly a week. Although we lived miles away, our house’s walls and windows got this awful film of soot (you can imagine what the inside of our lungs looked like!), and the air was heavy. At that stage in her life my baby daughter had frequent bronchial asthma episodes, usually triggered by winter flu and cold weather. Well, with that crappy air from the fire she had her worst episode yet, and I had breathing problems too. One of the joys of living in a developing country, I guess! It was after that fire that people finally started talking seriously about cleaning up Duquesa and making it into a controlled fill (it will never be a sanitary fill or anything close to it!). However, it took them nearly a decade to finally do it…

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Plug away, your links are welcome here!

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