Leave the trash on the conveyor belt


The British environmental minister is urging his countrymen to leave excess packaging at the checkout as a statement to grocery stores that they shouldn’t stock over-wrapped products.  What I find most interesting about this story is one, how receptive the companies interviewed seem to be (I guess PC dictates compliance) but also the fact that there is a minister of environment in Britain and that he advocates civil disobedience.

This link, like so many before it, was scouted by the incomparable Kimberly.

2 Responses to “Leave the trash on the conveyor belt”

  1. kimberly Says:

    The 4th interesting thing is that the Guardian has an entire news section for the Environment, which has a subsection called Ethical Living (among others). I’m sure the NYT would find that straying too far from the grail of objectivity: most of their environmental reporting seems to land in the Science section.

    I tried to get wifi through verizon – a minor fiasco – and when I asked for a return mailing label to send back the (incomplete and wrong) equipment they had sent me, they told me that would cost them more than the stuff is worth, and that I should “just throw it away”. I thought about sending it all back, plus maybe with some of my recycling….tempting, but then, i just posted on freecycle nyc. not really packaging, per se, but in this case the manufacturer won’t even take back its own product, let alone the packaging.

  2. homejobs Says:

    Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.

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