peddling for clean water


Though I have never managed to time a trip to Ouagadougou with the famous Fespaco film festival, I was lucky enough last week the attend the final day of the Salon International de L Artisanat de Ouagadougou (SIAO). SIAO is a biennial crafts fair that gathers artisans from all over Africa to display and sell their wares in huge convention center rooms. You buy a ticket to enter the fair grounds and have to pay extra to visit the air conditioned rooms. My friend Ouermi bought himself some stylish Ivorian dress shirts and I picked up a woven scarf for my mother and a small wooden puzzle in the shape of a baobab tree that I’m saving to give as a baby gift. Then we sat down and for a couple of dollars worth of local currency split a dozen small kebabs, a plate of fried plantains and two very large beers. It was a lot like visiting a state fair, what with the cultural displays and food on a stick.  Next we climbed the displays of local huts set up to show the range of dwellings found around the country. Finally, we walked the line of exhibit booths promoting environmental groups, microcredit projects, local remedies for such problems as premature ejaculation and painful menstrual cycles. It was there that I noticed some of the machines on display: a moped rigged as a bush ambulance, folding bins for carrying water and the pictured bike-pump designed for the easy drawing of clean water from the ground. Such a simple way to save energy! All in all, an educational day.

P.S. I just linked flickr to everyday trash, so click on the photo for more visuals of the fest.

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  1. Morison Smite Says:

    Just surffing online and I cam accros your site. Thanks for your good time & effort to put this educating post up here. I really liked your site and have just subscribed to your RSS posts so I can be able to read more of your posts as soon as they are live!

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