coo coo for coco products


coconut-2.jpg  While I was out of town and slacking on my garblogging duties, my colleague Keith over at The Temas Blog was busy rounding up all the possible uses for coconuts under the sun for a two-part series on recycling their shells.  In part one, he informs us of the problem of coconut waste clogging landfills in Latin America…all those discarded husks drunk dry and tossed aside (there’s even a Utube video to demonstrate the draining and enjoying of a fresh coconut).  Then, in part two, he offers an exhaustive compilation of coconuts reimagined.  I know what you’re thinking, but you’d be amazed at all the coco byproducts out there: seat upholstery for cars, carpet padding, rope and, of course, art.  It’s inspired stuff.  


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