weekly compactor


used.jpg This week in trash news:

  • Cool Hunting reports on woods-inspired work at the London Design Festival; and also in England
  • The British experiment with trash-eating homes;
  • “Waste-to-watts” programs in Deleware make use of gas from landfills;
  • Greenloop sends out the first of a four-part eco-friendly holiday shopping guide;
  • Vietnam’s new trash law isn’t solving any problems; and
  • A Canadian garbage bag company is cashing in on new sorting regulations.

2 Responses to “weekly compactor”

  1. Keith R Says:

    Gee, I’m disappointed my piece on buildings, kiosks, bus stops, and cisterns from PET bottles and tire rims did not make the Compactor! pout pout But then, neither did the municipal Christmas tree made with PET bottles or the two-parter on all the ways coconuts can be recycled… double pout

    I’m teasing! You have quite an interesting collection of stories, as usual. Always a treat checking into your site (now that’s the statement of a hardcore garbologist, isn’t it?).

    Best Regards,

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Hmm, a PET tree? I’ll have to do a holiday trash special!

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