Weekly Compactor: Literary Trash Edition


cover.jpgsm_dom.JPGrats.jpg bash.jpggarbage-wars.jpg Thanks to all the authors who participated in Literary Trash, a week of garbage lit Q & A’s. I’m pleased as punch that five bonafide trash writers agreed to take part and especially proud that I was able to find such a varied crowd. What started as an idea to 1)beef up the original content on my blog and 2) expand the everyday trash network, turned into a fun and educational week dedicated to testing the bounds of the great trash debate.

On Monday, journalist Elizabeth Royte caught us up on her environmental reporting since the release of her book Garbage Land, listed some cities with admirable trash policy initiatives and tipped us off on how to vote trash-positive;

On Tuesday, British artist Andy Hughes described his transition from casual surfer to trash-hunting photographer;

On Wednesday, celebrated rat journalist Robert Sullivan compared trash bags to puff pastries and explained the political capital potential of rats;

On Thursday, children’s book author and illustrator Loreen Leedy shared educational trash project ideas and told us why big fat hippos make comical mayors; and

On Friday, sociologist David Naguib Pellow shed light on some of the race and class issues embedded in trash politics and alerted us to activist efforts around the world fighting for environmental justice.

Check back soon for more interviews with trash personalities–and by all means, please suggest interview subjects for future posts!

4 Responses to “Weekly Compactor: Literary Trash Edition”

  1. kimberly Says:

    Oscar the Grouch! I want to hear from Oscar the Grouch! He’s the trashiest personality there is!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Hmm, I do have a friend over at the Children’s Television Network…

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