Its a nice day for a green wedding…


11green_2_190.jpg The Times has a lovely piece in today’s Sunday Styles section about the growing trend of environmentally friendly weddings. It’s a topic I know my side bar buddies Ethical Weddings and Great Green Wedding keep in mind when posting. Of course the number one way I can think of the reduce your ceremony’s footprint (not to mention your and your parents’ energy output) is to not throw such elaborate parties. That said, I’ve been to one of those farm to table places upstate, where the article mentions the couple held their rehersal dinner–crisp weather, more kinds of carrots than you knew existed, pigs wandering about, compostable cutlery, picturesque carriage trails perfect for hikes and runs…I could imagine a fantastic feast served there.

Update: For even MORE on green weddings, check out this post of the same name  over at hippy shopper.


2 Responses to “Its a nice day for a green wedding…”

  1. humbug « everydaytrash Says:

    […] 14th, 2007 I would include a special valentine’s round-up, but I’m burnt out on green love this week. Posted by everydaytrash Filed in celebatory […]

  2. kimberly Says:

    completely off topic, but this reminds me…must run upstate!

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