Tips from a hardcore treehugger


parisrecycle.jpg  Tuesday wasn’t as trashtastic as one might have hoped this week.  I’m hanging on to this week’s interview until it’s good and ready.  I hope, with the long weekend and still-fading buzz of the first weekend of summer (sort of), you’ll cut me some slack.

And speaking of slack, Alina over at Closet Environmentalist has been picking it up on the garblogging front.  Check out her freshly posted guide to recycling, including tips on when NOT to recycle

4 Responses to “Tips from a hardcore treehugger”

  1. Alina Says:

    Hehe, Im not quite hardcore OR a treehugger just yet. I still need to get rastas and stop showering and using deodorant for that :p

    I tagged you. You’re it. 7 random things about yourself. Check my site for details. Hmm… Please 😀

  2. Your friendly neighbourhood Closet Environmentalist « Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist Says:

    […] featured on the Carnival, this week being hosted on Groxie, and has made an appearance on a few other  […]

  3. everydaytrash Says:

    Thanks for the tag, looks like fun! Hope you won’t hold it against me if I skip it. I’m trying hard to make this blog personal, but not ABOUT me.


  4. Alina Says:

    No problem… I understand. BTW, I changed my ‘address’. You mind updating your blogroll? Thanks.

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