Sta’en I-lund


ferry.jpg On Monday of this fabulous long weekend just past, I made the long overdue journey out to Staten Island to visit my aunt. I took the ferry and, for the first time in many moons, sat upstairs and outside to enjoy the views as I floated on.  It was such a beautiful day that I didn’t even mind the throngs of tourists and fleet week sailors crowding the decks.

On my way to Whitehall terminal to catch the boat, I bought an iced tea and drank it on the Subway platform. I took my last sip as my train rolled in and, smiling to myself, decided to hang on to the bottle so that I could deposit it in the brand new recycling bins at the ferry terminal, then blog and boast about it here.

I did, and here it is.  The bins, as promised, were easy to spot as I entered the ferry terminal, neatly color coded to separate paper from plastic and glass.  On the way home, however, it occurred to me that there are no bins ON the boat, or upstairs in the terminal—meaning that anything purchased on the ferry or while waiting for it to arrive is much less convenient to recycle.  You would have to know they’re there. 

Baby steps, I know.  Next time I take a ride, I’ll ask whether the concession stand recycles any of those beer bottles.   


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