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Freshkills trash talk

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mark your calendars, NYC trashies. Freshkills Park is sponsoring a series of talks this summer. Here are details on the next one. And you don’t even have to go to Staten Island to hear it.

Freshkills Park

The Design of South Park, Phase One at Freshkills Park
Tatiana Choulika, Senior Associate at landscape architecture and urban design firm James Corner Field Operations, will present the first phase of design for South Park, one of the five sections of Freshkills Park. At 425 acres, South Park comprises some of the most varied and scenic landscape within the extraordinary Freshkills Park site.  It is envisioned as a connected series of overlooks, meadows and recreational facilities including walking and biking paths, softball fields, play areas and event spaces.  This phase of South Park will also be the first project allowing public access to the top of one of the mounds, with expansive views of Staten Island and beyond.
Wednesday, May 26th, 6:30 p.m.
@ The Arsenal, 4th floor
830 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
Free. No RSVP necessary.

Freshkills Park announces haiku winner

Friday, May 14, 2010

The second annual Freshkills Park haiku contest is over. Check out the winners of the adult and student categories over at their blog.

Staten Island Dump

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just saw via that there’s a new Staten Island blog on the block. Staten Island Dump‘s tagline is “News. Music. Politics. Life. Gossip. Garbage.” I like the sound of that. Check out the site for such intellectually stimulating content as an interactive poll on the greatest Staten Islander of the decade. I’m torn between Dennis Coles and Diane Savino.

Songs about packaging

Friday, August 28, 2009

Randy Ludacer is a Staten Islander who writes songs about packaging. From 12 noon to 2pm on Saturday, September 26th, you can hear him perform these songs at the Freshkills Park site. The event is free and everyone who attends will get a free CD. Click here for more details. Though out of date, this is my favorite of the photos on Ludacer’s website. Kind of makes you want to head to Staten Island, doesn’t it?

Portrait photo by Deborah Davis for the album Hot Water

Portrait photo by Deborah Davis for the album Hot Water, 1981

If you prefer bird calls to obscure songs written by people, the very next day Freshkills hosts a birding tour led by local naturalists. More info here.

Fresh stuff at Freshkills

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Yorkers, mark your calendars for two upcoming tours of Freshkills Park! The first requires a whopping $2 entry fee; the second one is free. Both require RSVPs.

Fresh Kills Park: Draft Master Plan,

Fresh Kills Park: Draft Master Plan,

The Staten Island Compost Project presents a Freshkills Park Compost Workshop

Saturday, August 29, 2009

12:00pm -2:00 pm @ the Freshkills Park site (a Parks bus will pick up at the St. George Ferry Terminal)

Nearly half of what we throw away could be composted and returned to the earth. Composting at home reduces the cost of yard trimming collection and processing, keeps kitchen waste out of the landfill, and turns organic material into a valuable amendment for gardens and houseplants. Best of all, it’s easy.
Join us as Mark Bigelow, Director of the Staten Island Compost Project, teaches us about the different ways to compost, the science behind the process, ways to ensure healthy compost and how to troubleshoot common issues. The workshop will be held on top of North Mound at the Freshkills Park site, with expansive views of the former landfill and the Department of Sanitation’s ongoing operations at the municipal compost facility. A tour of the site will accompany the workshop.

Space is limited, and registration is $2 per person to support the cost of demonstration materials and compost tip sheets. To register, please email with the subject heading “Composting Event” or call (212) 788-8277.

Staten Island OutLOUD presents The Poetry of Robert Frost

Saturday, September 12, 2009

12:30pm-2:30pm @ the Freshkills Park site (a Parks bus will pick up at the Eltingville Transit Center)

One of America’s most important poets, Robert Frost’s meditations on nature are considered to be some of the finest reflections on the complex relationship between humans and the natural world.

Please join us as Staten Island OutLOUD, a community dialogue and performance project, presents the Poetry of Robert Frost, a reading and conversation on the author. The readings will be held on top of North Mound at the Freshkills Park site, with expansive views of the former landfill and the William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge. A tour of the site will accompany the readings.

Space is limited. To register, please email with the subject heading “SI OutLOUD” or call (212) 788-8277.

Trashku contest

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freshkills park wants you

To write haikus about them

Prizes for winners

Freshkills Park

Sunday, March 29, 2009

…has a blog!

via Frehskills2030 on Flickr

via Frehskills2030 on Flickr


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

freshkills Tis the season for trash art, it seems.  I feel like I’ve been getting daily tips on creative exploration of solid waste in various media.  The latest comes via Freshkills Park (which has a Facebook page for those of you interested in keeping tabs on the conversion from landfill to massive public park).  Tattfoo is a Staten Island-based self-described “community intervention artist” who recently took some lovely shots of Fresh Kills (such as the one above, ripped from the artist’s site).

Sta’en I-lund

Thursday, May 31, 2007

ferry.jpg On Monday of this fabulous long weekend just past, I made the long overdue journey out to Staten Island to visit my aunt. I took the ferry and, for the first time in many moons, sat upstairs and outside to enjoy the views as I floated on.  It was such a beautiful day that I didn’t even mind the throngs of tourists and fleet week sailors crowding the decks.

On my way to Whitehall terminal to catch the boat, I bought an iced tea and drank it on the Subway platform. I took my last sip as my train rolled in and, smiling to myself, decided to hang on to the bottle so that I could deposit it in the brand new recycling bins at the ferry terminal, then blog and boast about it here.

I did, and here it is.  The bins, as promised, were easy to spot as I entered the ferry terminal, neatly color coded to separate paper from plastic and glass.  On the way home, however, it occurred to me that there are no bins ON the boat, or upstairs in the terminal—meaning that anything purchased on the ferry or while waiting for it to arrive is much less convenient to recycle.  You would have to know they’re there. 

Baby steps, I know.  Next time I take a ride, I’ll ask whether the concession stand recycles any of those beer bottles.   

Golden spike announcement #3 for Staten Island trash train

Thursday, April 19, 2007

pile-computer-shirt2-200.gif The city announced for the third time yesterday (after similar announcements in 1991 and 2004) that Staten Island’s solid waste will be hauled by train instead of truck, thus reducing traffic and air pollution on the island. Just as soon as they finish building it.

You gotta hand it to DSNY Commissioner Doherty, though. The man must be a bundle of energy, what with his socializing with recycling characters and city officials and enthusiastic media interviews and ribbon-cutting obligations, it’s a wonder he has time to draft long term plans for the city’s garbage. I wonder if he’s on the football team.

City recycling program creeps uptown…

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

recyclephoto.jpg Looks like the everydaytrash rant slamming Staten Islanders and the city’s pilot program recycling bins are making the rounds through the blogosphere. Check out this ferry blog, they’ve also been following the woes of pilot program. In another linking post, The Gothamist reports that Union Square got a visit from NYC trash celebs today and links to a new city web site dedicated to reducing trash.

Will Staten Islanders recycle?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

ferry.jpg  If, like me, you’ve been neglecting your extended family on Staten Island, you may not have noticed the recent installment of recycling bins at the ferry terminals.  It appears that the City is running a pilot program to see if putting receptacles in public spaces might encourage New Yorkers to recycle.

The DSNY news release cites:

“Many of us pick up a newspaper and a drink for the ferry ride across the harbor, so placing the recycling bins in the terminals is a great idea,” said Commissioner Weinshall.  “I encourage everyone to drop their recyclables in these bins and help keep our new terminals clean.”

During the pilot, which will officially begin on Monday, April 2nd, blue and green recycling bins will be placed in and around the Whitehall and Saint George Staten Island Ferry terminals, as well as Poe Park in the Bronx, Columbus Park in Brooklyn, Union Square Park in Manhattan, Hoffman Park in Queens, and Tappen Park and Clove Lakes Park on Staten Island. 

While this appears to be a fantastic idea, I can’t help but notice that three of the pilot sites are on Staten Island and that the Staten Island ferry terminal in Manhattan is a fourth.  This makes me nervous.  Having lived on Staten Island—and having taken the ferry during the unglamorous morning commuting hours and the even less glamorous weekend bar rush hours—I don’t think I’m being all that prejudiced when I say this recycling expansion is screwed.

Things I have seen in or around the Staten Island ferry terminals:

  • A man sitting on a newspaper vending machine, swinging his legs and waving a hand gun.
  • Pigeons riding escalators.
  • Tired MTA workers on their way home.
  • The sons and daughters of transit workers, firemen, immigrants and mafiosi pouring off of boats and stepping onto Manhattan Island.
  • The sons and daughters of transit workers, firemen, immigrants and mafiosi crowding around the doors as the next boat pulls in, wishing for the day and commute to be over.
  • Drunks bickering over polished wooden bench seats.
  • Pacing hookers.
  • Bright-eyed young tourist couples excited for a free boat ride and a view of the Statue of Liberty.

Things I have never seen in or around Whitehall and St. George terminals:

  • Someone who looks like he’s about to recycle the bottle in that brown paper sack.

trash wonders of the world

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

fresh.jpg Whew, still catching up around here and trying to get back on schedule. Thankfully, journalista extraordinaire Elizabeth tipped me off to a readymade compilation that will have to sub for the weekly compactor until I find some post-trip-report browsing time. Enjoy. And New Yorkers, note that our very own Fresh Kills made the cut! It’s a proud day for Sta’n Islanders.

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