Trashtastic Tuesday with the Composting Crew


compost11.jpg This week on Trashtastic Tuesday, we check in with some Middle Schoolers at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies. This year, the students are taking part in a “Cafeteria Expedition,” an interactive project to improve and better understand school cafeterias. Alex Perez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Steven Ruiz, Grabriella Bobe and T.J. Bodden—members of the 8th grade composting crew—were nice enough to take the time to answer a few questions for everydaytrash.

everydaytrash: Why should a school like yours have a composting program?

Composting Crew: The reason why all schools should have a composting program is because we generate a lot of waste and composting can reduce that amount.



everydaytrash: How does reducing waste help your school?

Composting Crew: Because we are making it into something useful.




everydaytrash: How did you choose what kind of composting system to use?

Composting Crew: We went to the Botanic Gardens and saw what different kinds of composting bins that they had and choose which one we liked and would be best for our needs.

everydaytrash: What kinds of materials did you need to get started?

Composting Crew: We needed pallets, screws, nails, buckets, and waste. We had the pallets donated by Lowe’s and we carried them back to school.



everydaytrash: Who uses the composting soil you create?

Composting Crew: Every single person in our school will be able to use it. The first will be the grade school kids who will use it for their planters. After that we will donate it to locals for their gardens. Thank you for showing interest in our project. We learned a lot from this Cafeteria Expedition.


Photos courtesy of the incomparable Peter Hoppmann—friend, neighbor and middle school teacher extraordinaire.

3 Responses to “Trashtastic Tuesday with the Composting Crew”

  1. Peter Says:

    That’s great! Too bad the server at school fried today, or I would have been able to show the kids… will it be up all week?

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    It will be up FOREVER at the link I sent you and on the home page until it eventually gets bumped down…approx. ten days.

  3. Victoria E :: Writer, Model, Environmentalist » Blog Archive » Carnival of the Green #81 Says:

    […] This week on everydaytrash, middle school students in Brooklyn talk to Leila about starting a composting pile to turn cafeteria waste into rich soil for the whole community. […]

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