Trash City


city_designchallenge.jpg  As someone who reads a lot of garbage headlines, I can say with authority that Toronto is way into trash.  Media stories about how to green a community, waste export policy debates and grassroots organizing around reducing waste quite often carry Toronto datelines.  So, I wasn’t that surprised to see the local weekly, Eye Weekly focus on trash for an Earth Day special in a stellar compilation of blogworthy articles (thanks for the link, mom).

My favorite piece is an overview of the publications recent design challenge to build a better trash can.  Check out what the judges had to say about the three most innovative contenders.  The idea behind the contest was to build a vessel that would allow consumers to separate their waste, recognizing the diversity of what we throw away and the various places it should go.  Too cool.
I’m torn between the “JUSTDESIGN” and “TRASHIE” models.

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