Trash in photos


Kimberly sent me this link yesterday to trash art on the New York Times Web site. Check out artist Chris Jordan’s work. He photographs massive and painstakingly organized quantities of stuff, like plastic cups, cell phones, Barbies or folder prison uniforms. At a glance the pictures look like abstract art, zooming in, they make a painful statement about consumption, like this image of 60,000 plastic bags.


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2 Responses to “Trash in photos”

  1. rubyreusable Says:

    Chris Jordan rocks! He came to The Evergreen State College this month and showed pics of his work as well as gave an amazing talk/lively discussion with the packed lecture hall, it was great, and I am so glad that a Northwest artist (Seattle in this case) is getting some love in NYC, love, etc Ruby

  2. dumpstertaoist Says:

    Yeah these are really fantastic in my opinion. Was gonna forward this link to ya, but you beat me to it. Would love wall-sized prints of these in my house! Plastic sucks. Ha.

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