I heart freecycle


After getting some furniture mailed to my apartment from family in the Midwest, I found myself last week with an apartment full of boxes and bubble wrap.  I put the stuff on freecycle and craigslist and by that evening, the bubble wrap was collected by one person and the boxes by another.  Yay for saving and reusing and the Internet!


4 Responses to “I heart freecycle”

  1. N. & J. Says:

    My fiance and I have recently started using Freecycle and think it’s great. We haven’t needed to get anything off there but we’ve been able to give our stuff to others almost immediately and at least we know it will be used and not end up in the storeroom of a thrift shop.



  2. everydaytrash Says:


  3. matt Says:

    Freecycle has been such a boon for us! We’ve taken advantage of posting things for people to retrieve from us, rather than being ‘takers’.

    Great post, and keep on freecycling 🙂

  4. Gina Says:

    Freecycle is so brilliant and simple. The tag sale without the sale. I give and get, supply and request, and delight in the things that don’t go to landfills, but fill someone’s need instead.

    Bravo for the geniuses who thought it up!

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