A monkey and a plastic bag


One of the places I visited while taking a short vacation in Bali last weekend was the Ubud Monkey Forest.  Overall, the visit was more upsetting than pleasant.  Vendors sell bananas and sweet potatoes inside the park, a practice that encourages tourists to get very close to the animals.  While I was there, I saw monkeys steal other food from careless people who had  stupidly brought in bags of chips and juice boxes, which the monkeys made little work of snatching and opening.  I saw lots of groups getting monkeys to climb all over them by dangling oranges and bananas in thier faces.  I also saw one crazy monkey fight and a couple  of sickly looking moneys I wouldn’t want to touch.  It was all very sad.  Still sadder was the fact that there was also a lot of trash in the ravines of what might have been a beautiful park.  I wasn’t able to capture the bulk of the human arrogance and monkey aggression I witnessed, but here is a short clip of a monkey digging through fruit peels and trash in the park.

2 Responses to “A monkey and a plastic bag”

  1. goddessjaz Says:

    This is really sad. I hate zoos but love animals and want to go see them but I always end up angry and feeling so sorry for them. People really don’t use common sense and forget that animals are living beings, not toys. Poor monkeys!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    This was so much worse than a zoo.

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