Operation Ivy


  Really people, why am I always the last to know?  I can’t believe that in two years of garblogging I’m only now discovering that in 2006 a group of Wesleyan students travelled around to five Ivy League campuses and made a documentary about diving in those elite dumpsters.  Having grown up on a sucession of college campuses, I’m thrilled to see ANY effort to reduce the waste.  I know homelessness and hunger are complex problems, but when walking around a college campus, especially the well endowed sort, it is hard to fathom how anyone could be needy in this sickly over-satiated country.  Dumpster diving in college towns is so easy it’s more of a public service than a sport.

Of course half of the Princeton students (sample size unknown) polled on this collegate blog disagree that it’s a good idea.  Shocking.

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7 Responses to “Operation Ivy”

  1. esther Says:

    They should actually tell the students to not just throw, but give, to charitys etc…I say thumbs up to the waste divers!!!

  2. dumpstertaoist Says:

    Take warning, take warning!

  3. everydaytrash Says:

    I know. These kids should lead workshops.

  4. Layla Says:

    Gosh, you’re not the last one!! 🙂

    Haven’t seen this until today either!! 🙂

    Yup, I agree it would be great if students RRRRR-ed more!!
    An ipod & all those cables in a bin – ugh!!
    I did rather fancy the pirate hat, not sure if that was dumpster-dived too?

  5. everydaytrash Says:

    Nice to see another namesake out there. No clue, but my guess is that the hat was also salvaged!

  6. Jean Says:

    Hi there!
    I made this film in 2006. It’s cool to see that people are still seeing it and commenting on it and that it’s traveling around on the internet. I would love to make a sequel documentary to this film some day… alas! I graduated in ’08 and it’s work, work, work… but maybe one day I’ll get to make a follow-up film.

    Jean Pockrus

  7. Leila Darabi Says:

    Glad you found us, Jean! Keep us posted on new projects!

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