Ghana tra$h shore – the pix


Over a couple of very depressing pages in Sunday’s edition of my morning paper, SvD, I could again follow Mattias Hagberg (read our previous interview with him!) to Ghana. Today, I am “happy” to be able to tell you that the pictures from the piece, taken by Karl Melander, can be viewed in a slideshow at the web edition of the paper. Not the  “Atlantic coast beach” most of us are used to.

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4 Responses to “Ghana tra$h shore – the pix”

  1. polythenepam Says:

    thats really bad – thanks for the info

  2. Please look at these photos « Leave Only Footprints Says:

    […] 2, 2009 with thanks to everyday trash. Visit her site for more info, interviews and a slide show. Its something everyone should read […]

  3. Leila Darabi Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing these, Victor. It’s such an added-value to everydaytrash to have you posting from Sweden and finding items unknown to us in the states.

    It’s harrowing to see Western electronics end up in someone else’s backyard. Kudos to Mattias Hagberg for bringing some attention to this issue and to Karl Melander for those haunting photos.

    A couple years ago I visited the slave castle (now a museum) in Elmina, Ghana and was upset on the walk there to see so much trash on the shore:

    Elmina trash

  4. Euro e-waste ends up in West Africa « everydaytrash Says:

    […] in writing his book Skräp. Here’s a link to Vic’s interview with Hagberg and to a photo slideshow published later by a Swedish […]

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