Euro e-waste ends up in West Africa


BBC’s Panorama reported this excellent piece on electronic waste from the UK illegally dumped in West African countries like Ghana. (Thanks for the tip, Nic!)


The end section on taking responsibility hits the nail on the head, pointing out that while African governments legislating restrictions is one piece of the puzzle, the key piece is holding those at the source of the e-waste responsible in places like the UK.

You may recall that discovering that his e-waste ended up in Ghana was part of Swedish journalist Mattias Hagberg’s motivations in writing his book Skräp. Here’s a link to Vic’s interview with Hagberg and to a photo slideshow published later by a Swedish paper.

One Response to “Euro e-waste ends up in West Africa”

  1. msn download free Says:

    Using any available piece of earth as a toxic dumping ground, so this what can you expect from first world nations, one day it will all bubble up and poison everyone, disgusting … look at that picture, thats what us humans are doing to the planet…Too many people!!

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