Trashmen of Tehran


As an Iranian-American and a journalist, it’s been hard to tear my mind away from what’s happening in Tehran right now. I worried the garblogging might suffer as a result, but Douglas Brodoff, whom you may remember from his paintings of “les petits hommes verts” in France, just sent me a link to his blog and this incredible YouTube video of Tehran’s garbage collectors calling for the removal of President Ahmadinejad. THANK YOU, Douglas.

They are chanting: “Take Mahmoud away! Take the garbage away!”

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4 Responses to “Trashmen of Tehran”

  1. wales Says:

    The momentum towards change and a more representative government looks to be growing. There is enormous support around the globe for the Iranian people, their energy and their courage. With vigilance on the part of the Iranians, as well as professional and amateur media working together to make their struggle known, change without violence is possible.

  2. John Says:


  3. Leila Darabi Says:


  4. The other green movement « everydaytrash Says:

    […] #2: Iranian sanitation workers were at the forefront of post-election protests (a fact pointed out to me by trash-minded artist […]

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