Les Petits Hommes Verts de Douglas Brodoff


One of my favorite things about keeping a trash blog, as I like to mention here, is that it not only allows me to find and report on things that interest me, but for people to find me themselves and pass on interesting tidbits. This morning was one of those days. I woke up, checked my email and found a nice note from Douglas Brodoff, an American artist living in France whose ongoing series “Petits Hommes Verts” or “Little Green Men” honors the sanitation workers of Paris on canvas and in photographs.

Douglas Brodoff

Take a click through, I think you’ll enjoy what you see. Pictured here is Brodoff’s “Les ordures dorment jamais” or “Refuse Never Sleeps”. I love the pink light of Paris used in such a trashy context.

For more on Parisian trash, revisit old posts on the poubelle and its namesake.

3 Responses to “Les Petits Hommes Verts de Douglas Brodoff”

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    […] the garblogging might suffer as a result, but Douglas Brodoff, whom you may remember from his paintings of “les petits hommes verts” in France just sent me a link to his blog and this incredible YouTube video of Tehran’s […]

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    […] More fun poubelle-themed links here, here and here. […]

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    […] which means “The Sweepers.” You may recall from past posts that Douglas has an ongoing series featuring the green-clad garbage men of Paris. Another interesting fact about Douglas is that he is trained as a professional clown. Perhaps […]

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