Les Balayeurs


There are many days when I wake up wishing I lived in Paris, especially when I see things like Facebook updates from artist Douglas Brodoff announcing a new expo of his paintings on display in the 2nd. It’s called “Les Balayeurs,” which means “The Sweepers.” You may recall from past posts that Douglas has an ongoing series featuring the green-clad garbage men of Paris. Another interesting fact about Douglas is that he is trained as a professional clown. Perhaps that’s why the children and trashmen visiting in this photo appear to be so charmed by him and his work: he’s clearly an expert with a crowd!

Douglas Brodoff with French kids and trashmen

This and other photos of the expo made my day. And made me seriously evaluate how long it’s been since I’ve visited one of my favorites cities.


2 Responses to “Les Balayeurs”

  1. Douglas Brodoff Says:

    thanks Leila
    anyone can see the rest of the photos at the link:

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    Cool, I’ll add the link to the post. Thanks!

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