Arman’s poubelles


French artist Arman traveled between France and the US making incredible trash art for several decades before his death in 2005. A recurring theme in his work was the poubelle, or trash can.

Household trash in a glass box, 1959

Here’s a photo timeline of Arman’s poubelles, a must-click for anyone interested in trash art. A biography of the artist can be found here (check out the photo of his piece “Long Term Parking”) and a more general timeline of his life and work here. Thanks Rachel and Tamar for sharing these links. Super!

More fun poubelle-themed links here, here and here.

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3 Responses to “Arman’s poubelles”

  1. Pictures of stuff, cont’d: Garbarge Says:

    […] EverydayTrash. This is household trash, in a glass box, photographed by a French artist named Arman. More info […]

  2. JP Says:

    This is a great design I love it

  3. Sweetness Organic Says:

    Original and Funny… Vive la France…

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