Trash for Teaching


How cute is this? Trash for Teaching, a Los Angeles based NGO, provide classrooms with trash that kids can transform into art, while learning all about the important stuff. Reminds me of my kindergarden days, where those carton rolls at the center of paper rolls could be used for virtually anything (these days I just recycle them, being old and narrow minded). Why isn’t this just mandatory everywhere?

Also, for $350, Trash for Teaching will entertain 15 kids at a birthday party. You supply tables and space, they do the rest.

Upcycled duck, you can buy these as kits

Upcycled duck, you can buy these as kits

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4 Responses to “Trash for Teaching”

  1. Leila Darabi Says:

    I want one! Let’s make ducks.

  2. italicious Says:

    This is so cool, while most States are cutting art programs from their curriculum, California is not only having their little ones make art, but teaching them about recycling, should we all just move to California?

  3. Ruby Re-Usable Says:

    maybe we should have a recycled art duck day 😉

    and of course, we should ALL get our states to do stuff like this!!

  4. Leila Darabi Says:

    I like it. Duck Day could be an advocacy tool to encourage state funding for trash arts education.

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