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Laurapalooza trash kids

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Laurapalooza yesterday was a big hit. I burned my face in the New Jersey sun again, but not as much as last time. Our flip flop hippo was item of the day, and we got pix with a president (coming soon). Also realized that people in Pennington have the cutest kids in the world. Many of them run around. Some are excellent trashion models:

trashion poster child !

Trashion poster child 1

trashion poster child 2

Trashion poster child 2

Trash for Teaching

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How cute is this? Trash for Teaching, a Los Angeles based NGO, provide classrooms with trash that kids can transform into art, while learning all about the important stuff. Reminds me of my kindergarden days, where those carton rolls at the center of paper rolls could be used for virtually anything (these days I just recycle them, being old and narrow minded). Why isn’t this just mandatory everywhere?

Also, for $350, Trash for Teaching will entertain 15 kids at a birthday party. You supply tables and space, they do the rest.

Upcycled duck, you can buy these as kits

Upcycled duck, you can buy these as kits

Pick Up the Trash Day is here!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remember how I wrote in February about the annual Pick Up the Trash Day? Well, now it’s April and kiddos all over Sweden are gearing up to run around and clean up their communities. So far over 145 000 young ones are signed up for this year.

New for 2009 is that all participating schools, municipalities etc. can post on a collective blog, so that we all can check in on what’s up. And get more pix like this one here:

Trash kids from Byrsjö School

Trash kids from Byrsjö School

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