What will happen to 750,000 clunker$?


About a week ago, it looked like Cash for Clunkers (or as its actually called, the Car Allowance Rebate System; CARS), i.e. the US government program through which car-owners rich enough to buy a new car if promising not to sell the old one but rather have it demolished, was up for a lot more funding. This has now come to pass.

According to washingtonpost.com, a quarter of a million new cars have been sold through this program to date. The program has been running since early July, so I’d say that a lot. Another half a million “environmentally friendly” cars are expected to hit the roads by Labor* Day. I’m still wondering who the fat cats in the sudden demoli$hing of 750,000 old cars are, and what they are doing to take care of the lead, sulphuric acid and mercury.

[*Linguistic bonus treat of the week: I really do want to spell this “Labour”, but since its actually the name of a holiday, I’ll make an exception.]

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2 Responses to “What will happen to 750,000 clunker$?”

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