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Cash for clunkers, Portland version

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Having cooled down a bit after my latest rant about Cash for clunkers I am happy to see that there are other responses to this folly. Unconsumption reported yesterday about a bike shop in Portland who have taken the matter into their own hands with a Cash for clunkers bike version programme. Only, they upcycle the usable parts of the clunker bikes, instead of throwing them away. What an idea, huh?

What will happen to 750,000 clunker$?

Friday, August 7, 2009

About a week ago, it looked like Cash for Clunkers (or as its actually called, the Car Allowance Rebate System; CARS), i.e. the US government program through which car-owners rich enough to buy a new car if promising not to sell the old one but rather have it demolished, was up for a lot more funding. This has now come to pass.

According to, a quarter of a million new cars have been sold through this program to date. The program has been running since early July, so I’d say that a lot. Another half a million “environmentally friendly” cars are expected to hit the roads by Labor* Day. I’m still wondering who the fat cats in the sudden demoli$hing of 750,000 old cars are, and what they are doing to take care of the lead, sulphuric acid and mercury.

[*Linguistic bonus treat of the week: I really do want to spell this “Labour”, but since its actually the name of a holiday, I’ll make an exception.]

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