Martin Waters and Spurn Point


Trash artist Martin Waters recently sent us a link to his website, a resource chock-full of compelling sculpture, photography and images of past installations. He uses a lot of beach debris in his work, collected from Spurn Point, where he was artist in residence in 2007.


Spurn glove installation, image via

In Waters’ own words:

Spurn Point is a fast disappearing stretch of the East Yorkshire coastline.

It has been the greatest influence on my artistic endeavours for the last twenty years and my life since I was seven years old, living at Paull on the Humber bank.

A fascination with painting and drawing naturally led me to this raw spit of land where I started to record my impressions. A love of collecting and beachcombing conspired to bring me to the artworks I create now. Through my art therapy work I am interested in the process of creating art and I have let that process take me where it will.

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One Response to “Martin Waters and Spurn Point”

  1. Mr Hoey Says:

    Hi Martin from 8D at Huntcliff School, North Lincs. We love your work and keep beachcombing.

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