Million dollar trashies

by sends a warm congratulations to The Spirit of Youth Association—an association of Zaballeen from the Caireen shantytown of Manchiet Nasser—who recently received a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The grant was announced following a screening of the documentary Garbage Dreams (which we’ve touted here on more than one occasion) at the International Sustainability Conference in Cairo. The Spirit of Youth Association is the nonprofit that runs the recycling school featured in Garbage Dreams.

Iskander, Nabil, Osama & Adham

Mai Iskander, Nabil, Osama & Adham of "Garbage Dreams"

Special Kudos to filmmaker Mai Iskander for harnessing the power of journalism to raise awareness around the Zaballeen and informal trash picking communities in general and to Adham, Nabil, Osama and their teacher, Laila, for lending their life stories to the cause. More to come on this evolving story.

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