Ah Queens, the most diverse neighborhood on the planet. As if you needed another reason to visit, local artist N’Cognita has provided one for you: Trash-formaitons. Now through January in the curatorial space of Sabay Thai Restaurant in Elmhurst you can visit a very special trash art exhibition. Check out her website for more info. And while you’re there, click around for images of related expos past, including N’Cognita’s trashtastic Endless Junkmail Scroll.

N'Cognita's Endless Junkmail Scroll

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5 Responses to “Trash-formations”

  1. Ruby Re-Usable Says:

    wish I could’ve seen Vernita N’Cognita’s endless junkmail scroll in person, she is such an inspiration, was honored to participate in several of her “Detritus”/recycled art group exhibits in Manhattan, thanks for keeping us posted on her latest trashtastic show!

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    Of course you two know one-another! I’ve never met N’Cognita but home to take in the new show and some spicy eats before it closes.

  3. Ruby Re-Usable Says:

    I’ve never met her, either, but have spoken with her on the phone, and of course, via e-mail, and Facebook, she has been active in recycled art for a long time!

  4. Tea bag fedora « everydaytrash Says:

    […] met for dinner at Sabay Thai Restaurant in Elmhurst Queens for some spicy food and to check out Trash-formations, a small exhibit of art made of garbage. Jefferey Allen Price's contribution to the […]

  5. Vernita N'Cognita Says:

    thank you all for your generous spirits! There will be another Trash-formations AKA Art from Detritus show in the spring at True Light Gallery in Massachusetts. If you make art of recycled materials, send me some jpegs by April 1st (no joke!) to be considered.
    warm recycling,

    Vernita Nemec AKA N’Cognita

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