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A message from N’Cognita

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“It’s the dawn of a new decade! The economy is in trouble & we still have too much garbage! Your art could be part of the solution!!! If you make art from things that would have been thrown away – broken stuff, old stuff, burned stuff, torn stuff transformed into art- 2D & 3D in any media rescued from trash, your art is eligible. It’s happening again! The exhibit “Art of Detritus: Recycling with Imagination” features fine art from cast-off materials created by professional artists from throughout the country. The heart of this exhibit is the message of the three R’s: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. The 2010 Art From Detritus Exhibition is a juried international art competition for dynamic, inventive and provocative work created from a multitude of materials that would have been discarded if not rescued for artmaking. The exhibit will occur in spring 2010 at PureLight Gallery located in a recycled building in Turner’s Falls Massachusetts.This show will be curated by Vernita Nemec, artist/curator, former director of Artists Talk On Art & Viridian Artists in New York City and currently on the Board of Directors of Soho20 in Chelsea NYC. She conceived the first Detritus Exhibition in 1993 & over the years has received funding from The Puffin Foundation, the Kaufmann Foundation and the National Recycling Coalition. Since then, there have been more than a dozen Detritus exhibitions through out the U.S. You can see images of and information on past Detritus shows here. Submit your best work now! Email 3-6 jpegs of work no larger than 500 dpi in either direction. Include in your email an Artwork List with size, materials used, title & date, plus an artist bio & statement. Submit by April 1, 2010 to: ncognita at earthfire dot org. There is no submission fee, but accepted artists will make a small contribution towards the exhibition expenses.”

Tea bag fedora

Monday, January 4, 2010

Last night Victor and I and our friends Oriana and Kimberly met for dinner at Sabay Thai Restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens for some spicy food and to check out Trash-formations, a small exhibit of art made of garbage.

Jefferey Allen Price's contribution to the show

I have to say, after seeing photos of curator N’Cognita‘s past work, the little pieces hanging on the walls felt a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for a dramatic installation, an expectation heightened by the long train ride and bitter cold endured to find the joint in the first place. What I saw reminded me more of the hallways outside the art classrooms in high school. It’s not that some of the work wasn’t excellent. It just didn’t stand out in the setting—a dimly lit little restaurant.

While eating, I did notice a sweet looking fedora from across the room. Before leaving, we all did a loop of the dining room to check out the art up close. It was then that I realized the hat was made of tea bags. Tea bags!

That, combined with the fact that when I asked for extra spicy my food arrived actually spicy made the whole trip worth it (even if we did have to ride the Broadway line local all the way back to Brooklyn). If you find yourself in or around Elmhurst, check out Sabay Thai. We especially recommend the vegetarian duck; and the tea bag fedora by artist Jefferey Allen Price.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ah Queens, the most diverse neighborhood on the planet. As if you needed another reason to visit, local artist N’Cognita has provided one for you: Trash-formaitons. Now through January in the curatorial space of Sabay Thai Restaurant in Elmhurst you can visit a very special trash art exhibition. Check out her website for more info. And while you’re there, click around for images of related expos past, including N’Cognita’s trashtastic Endless Junkmail Scroll.

N'Cognita's Endless Junkmail Scroll

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