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Tea bag fedora

Monday, January 4, 2010

Last night Victor and I and our friends Oriana and Kimberly met for dinner at Sabay Thai Restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens for some spicy food and to check out Trash-formations, a small exhibit of art made of garbage.

Jefferey Allen Price's contribution to the show

I have to say, after seeing photos of curator N’Cognita‘s past work, the little pieces hanging on the walls felt a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for a dramatic installation, an expectation heightened by the long train ride and bitter cold endured to find the joint in the first place. What I saw reminded me more of the hallways outside the art classrooms in high school. It’s not that some of the work wasn’t excellent. It just didn’t stand out in the setting—a dimly lit little restaurant.

While eating, I did notice a sweet looking fedora from across the room. Before leaving, we all did a loop of the dining room to check out the art up close. It was then that I realized the hat was made of tea bags. Tea bags!

That, combined with the fact that when I asked for extra spicy my food arrived actually spicy made the whole trip worth it (even if we did have to ride the Broadway line local all the way back to Brooklyn). If you find yourself in or around Elmhurst, check out Sabay Thai. We especially recommend the vegetarian duck; and the tea bag fedora by artist Jefferey Allen Price.

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