Swedish freegan makes headline news


Sweden’s second to largest TV news program, Aktuellt, tonight interviewed a Swedish freegan, who invited a team into his home, claiming everything he and his accomplice eat comes from dumpsters. For tonight, for the grand effect, they brought all the bread they would’ve been able to eat, should they want to. Check about nine minutes into this 30 minute episode of Aktuellt. For those who understand Swedish (or are very interested), a full ten minutes of on-site segments and studio discussions await.

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2 Responses to “Swedish freegan makes headline news”

  1. Siri Avlesen Says:


    My name is Siri and I’m making a news reportage about freegans and your lifestyle. I have some questions and I would love some answers.

    – Do you know how many who live as freegans in the world today, approximately?
    – Do you know how many who live as freegans in the US?
    – How old is this movement?
    – Are you organized?
    – Do you know of any who live as freegans in Norway?

    I would be so happy to get your answers

    Kind Regards, Siri Avlesen- NRK

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