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Food trash insanity rant

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back from the motherland, thinking “honestly, what are they thinking?”

Background: Swedish Public Radio are reporting today on food waste. Previously, this discusson has been focusing mainly on households (who throw out about 11 pounds of edible food every week). Today our lovely radio turned the attention to supermarkets: Annualy, supermarkets in Sweden (population 9 million) throw away 110 000 us short tonnes of perfectly edible food. Value US$ 292 million. Food giants are saying that they only do what customers want them to do, and that putting “old” food on sale is bad for their corporate image.

Again: What are they thinking? (I’m thinking I should resaddle and head into the food business. There’s obviously lots of tra$h to collect.)

For those of you who now feel guilty, check out Love Food Hate Waste, a nice little UK resource on how to at least avoid this in your home. They have recepies!

Swedish freegan makes headline news

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweden’s second to largest TV news program, Aktuellt, tonight interviewed a Swedish freegan, who invited a team into his home, claiming everything he and his accomplice eat comes from dumpsters. For tonight, for the grand effect, they brought all the bread they would’ve been able to eat, should they want to. Check about nine minutes into this 30 minute episode of Aktuellt. For those who understand Swedish (or are very interested), a full ten minutes of on-site segments and studio discussions await.

Turkey trash

Thursday, December 4, 2008

turkey1 A very friendly coworker brought me some sweet potato pie today.  Traveling with my dad and sister for Thanksgiving was fun, but I have to admit I missed all the traditional foods.  Especially the pie.  I was kind of surprised at first that she still had pie, a full week later.  But when I think about it, nearly every family I know makes huge meals for Thanksgiving and the leftovers are just as much a part of the ritual as the meal itself.  Jonathan Bloom over at Wasted Food wrote about this on before the holiday and today responded to some of the questions generated by readers.

One of the topics discussed is food rescue, or restaurants that donate left over food to the hungry.  New York is home to one of the best food rescue programs in the world, City Harvest.  This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to post more about their incredible work.  I heard a rumor that the City Harvest founders got the idea for their nonprofit after ordering potato skins at a restaurant and learning that the rest of the potato ended up in the trash.  I’ll see if I can verify that for you before the New Year.

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