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Friday, November 3, 2006

Check it, Stay Free! magazine is doing with broken iPods what I want to do with used bridesmaid dresses.

Weekly Compactor (back on schedule)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

japantrash.jpg In trash news this week:

Always a bridesmaid…

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

uglydress_1902_11609825.jpg In my quest to find a use for my small collection of bridesmaid dresses, I came across and just had to share. The three red dresses I’ve sported down the aisle are not that bad in the grand scheme of things one might have to buy, alter and wear in public on behalf of a friend getting married. But they aren’t exactly reusable, either.

Just what are we supposed to do with the dress when the pageant is over? I refuse to throw them away and I don’t know any little girls with dress-up boxes (and wouldn’t encourage this sort of gender-specific dress-up item anyway).

My mother, always hopeful about these things, suggested I have the skirt of my last bridesmaid dress shortened and that I wear the apple-red satin ballgown as a cocktail dress. With a triple-layer of black lacey stuff under the skirt and a halter neck, the cocktail party I wore that thing to would have to be on ice (in which case I wouldn’t have right muff for the occasion anyway).

So, I’m left with the aforementioned halter gown, a maroon seperates number (the top of which presumably could be used as the shell of a suit, if I had the sort of job that required wearing suits), a spaghetti strapped ankle-length dress that might have been reusable if it didn’t constitute the physical proof of that time my cousin joined the navy, married a stripper and forced me to be the “red” in their patriotic-themed ceremony. Also, it’s just a little too orange, which always kills a red dress.

I know there are used dress sites, but I’m looking for something bigger and badder ass to do with my collection. An installation project perhaps? A hipster crafts project? Please post any and all ideas as comments.

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